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Illuminate the path for your people — with our help

Thriving cultures require collaboration

Your people don’t want to just work – they want to be ignited

How will you do it?

We are Bex, talent strategy partners. We are consultants, coaches, and recruiters working with you to align your people, profit, and potential. 

We collaborate and develop plans to help you and your company:

  • Determine where you are now
  • Anticipate where you want to go
  • Map a plan for how to get there

…always with your people in mind.

Support and build
the success of your team

We curate strategic planning, organizational design, team development and engagement, and recruitment. We are pleased to be your talent strategy partner, to help coach and develop your internal HR/Talent and Culture team, as you build your company.

On the cusp of growth…

Our clients have created a business and drawn their culture intentionally – now they’re ready to see that vision brought more fully to light as they grow. 

We love to work with intentional, scaling founders who are open, communicative, and highly driven. Dedicated to their business and devoted to their people, they find themselves in a pivotal moment asking if the team they have today is the same team that will take them into the future.

Lighting the Trail

Working together, we explore your current state to understand how your business is growing, the talent you have, and the talent you need.

Shine Bright

Working with Bex, you gain…

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Your Time Back

Let us carry the load for a while so you are free to focus on making the most of your time

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Peace of Mind

You sleep at night knowing your strong leadership and HR and Talent and Culture teams are all rowing in the same direction

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Financial Gain

Your company benefits from increased profits by retaining the right employees and creating a smooth exit for the wrong ones

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Talent Growth

Your internal HR or Talent and Culture leader will develop into the person you need through 1:1 professional or group coaching

Positive Vibes, Creative Minds

Engaging the Power of a Strong Culture

increase of profitability for highly engaged companies vs. those who are not
0 %
the cost to replace a mid-level employee
$ 0
an annual ROI for every $1 spend on leadership development training
$ 0
the % of millennials in the workforce
0 %
increased innovation from companies driven by mission
0 %
of employees rate their leader's communication as highly effective
0 %


Culture addresses the day-to-day questions around: 
What behaviors are rewarded?
What do people really wear to work?
Am I expected to answer emails over the weekend?
How far do we go to please a customer?
Is it okay to have a drink after work with a colleague?
Who makes all of the decisions here?
Is there flexibility in work location?

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